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Technological Guidance for the Probation Systems 

With the assistance of Scotia Consulting Inc. of Los Angeles, California, a court system can benefit from having a streamlined probation system to better provide defendant management. This electronic case management system, known as PC PROBATION+, makes the probation officer more effective than ever.


As we did with our PC PRETRIAL+ software, the origins of PC PROBATION+ came from the development of its forerunner in Los Angeles County during the late 1980s, and spread to several states in the 1990s. In 2000, the previous version was enhanced to meet the growing needs of these agencies, and to utilize the latest technological advances.


Our current probation case management system has evolved into a product that allows probation officers to be more productive with less effort. This state-of-the-art technology offers comprehensive functionality, and is affordable, innovative, and reliable.

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Relevant statistics are provided to required agencies with PC PROBATION+. The system also incorporates scanned documents, photographs, and electronic document archives.
Our Ad Hoc Report Generator Offers:

  • Standard Reports Library
  • Report Builder
  • Import/Export Capabilities
  • Spreadsheets & Output Files


PC PROBATION+ is built in Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Visual MaxFrame® to be a true client server workstation communicating with SQL pass-through, available both locally and remotely. The new system accommodates back end databases such as Visual FoxPro, SQL server, ORACLE, SYBASE, and DB2 that are ODBC-, OLEDB-, or ADO.NET-compliant.


This technology enables us to switch the data source or user interface, providing flexibility to be web-enabled via .NET and PC-based against common data source simultaneously. This includes the most advanced levels of security capabilities, such as using user profiles to determine extent of access, ability to hide cases, screens, and data elements that certain user profiles may not access.