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Family Court That Puts Children's Interests First

Scotia Consulting Inc. developed resources for family courts and assisted drug prosecutions in the same way it helped Other Courts meet their needs. The Los Angeles, California-based company got started by assisting a Fort Worth, Texas, Drug Court in 1998. The county government was so impressed with our system that they invited us to create a something similar for family courts.

Focus On the Family

Tarrant County specifically wanted to be able to provide resources for its citizens through a domestic relations office and civil court. Now available nationwide, this revolutionary system was introduced in 2000.

Comprehensive Functionality

The system offers benefits for case management, management control, and system facilities. The state-of-the-art technology is affordable, innovative, and reliable.

Case Management:

  • Allows Caseworkers To Manage Efficient Caseloads
  • Provides System Calendar To Manage Schedule & Appointments
  • Generate Automatic Form Letters
  • Provides Chronology Of All Contacts for Each Case
  • Has Reporting Capabilities
  • Creates Standardized Text for Large Reports Required for Cases, Such As Social Studies, Mediation Reports & Visitation Recommendations

Management Control:

  • Recommendations On Case Distribution Based on Workloads
  • Generates Alerts When Non-Standard Cases Arise
  • Provides System That Notates When Audits Of Cases Have Occurred
  • Capability To Create Reports On Case History
  • Produces Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly Lists for Random Substance Abuse Testing

System Facilitates:

  • Creation Of Social Studies
  • Secures Mediation Functionality
  • Schedules & Records Visitation Center Appointments
  • Accesses Facilitation Case Management
  • Processes Miscellaneous Court Requests
  • Operates Comprehensive Drug Screening Program

Man and His Son


Relevant statistics are provided to required agencies with PC FAMILY COURT+. The system also incorporates scanned documents, photographs, and electronic document archives.

Our Ad Hoc Report Generator Offers:

  • Standard Reports Library
  • Report Builder
  • Import/Export Capabilities
  • Spreadsheets & Output Files


PC FAMILY COURT+ is built in Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Visual MaxFrame to be a true client server workstation communicating with SQL pass-through, available both locally and remotely. The new system accommodates back end databases such as Visual FoxPro, SQL server, ORACLE, SYBASE, and DB2 that are ODBC-, OLEDB-, or ADO.NET-compliant.


This technology enables us to switch the data source or user interface, providing flexibility to be web-enabled via .NET and PC-based against common data source simultaneously. This includes most advanced levels of security capabilities, such as using user profiles to determine extent of access, ability to hide cases, screens, and data elements that certain user profiles may not access.